We machine product housings and mechanical components from plastics and non-ferrous metal (aluminium, copper, etc.)

CAD - Prototyping - Mass-Production

We offer the full package

Together with our partner Knobloch electronic we create electronic assemblies and casings.

If you only have a draft of your component we can create the necessary files for precise manufacturing with our powerful CAD / CAM software tools.

CNC-milled parts can be up to 1000*700 mm in size. High-frequency spindle guarantee burr-free edges and a beautiful finish.

We focus on cost-efficient "packaging" of electronic assemblies in cases where the creation of injection-mold tools would be too expensive for lower quantities.

Example: CNC-milled casing for medical pump

  • Material: PVC - strong, very resistant against chemicals, easy to clean
  • Custom developed electromechanic pump system
  • Custom electronics developed and machined together with our Partner Knobloch electronic

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