Für Maker, Industrie und Bildung

Entwicklung, Produktion und Vertrieb technischer Lehrmittel


Wir führen Produkte für Maker, Bildung und Industrie.



Der kleine, kompakte und günstige Fahrroboter für den Calliope mini.


CAD and CNC-milling

We machine product housings and mechanical components from plastics and non-ferrous metal (aluminium, copper, etc.)



Together with our partner Knobloch electronic we offer the full range of custom product development and manufacturing


Welcome to Knotech

Knotech GmbH was founded in 2009, providing electromechanical development and production services.

We offer the full package from CAD to the creation of prototypes on to mass production. Together with Knobloch electronic GmbH we offer the development and production of electronic assemblies.

Besides our services we also sell our own range of mechanical and electronic products.

Our offices and production facilities are located in Erbes-Büdesheim, Germany (near Frankfurt)

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