Junior Student Kits

Gear Model Kits

This very interesting Series of Model Kits has been especially developed for technical classes at lower and middle schools. It is a valuable teaching aid for the procurement of basic knowledge in gear technics for students from 12 years.

Each kit contains enough components to build all three different gearmodels at the same time.

To ease the assembling of the Junior Models, clear photos and technical drawings are included, as well as Instruction Cards which explain the terminology, model functions, and the machine elements involved. These cards also contain calculation tasks & drawing problems for the models.

As Junior components come from the professional AUTOMAT Kits, they are precisely made of rustproof materials and guarantee perfect functions of the models. They are clearly arranged in elegant trays and sturdy cases, so an easy control of the inventory is offered.

Besides the 5 x 3 Junior Model types we also offer 65 ready built different COMPACT Gear Models.

Junior 1: Spur gear drives

  • 01 Single stage gear drive
  • 02 Double stage gear drive
  • 03 Double stage gear drive with idler

Junior 2: Traction drives (synchronous)

  • 07 Chain drive with tension roller
  • 39 Tooth belt drive with tension roller
  • 72 Ball chain drive

Junior 3: Traction Drives (asynchronous)

  • 08 Flat belt drive with tension roller
  • 34 Double staged round belt drive
  • 66 Single staged V-belt drive

Junior 4: Gear drives (with crossed shafts)

  • 05 Bevel gear drive - 1:1 and 1:2
  • 36 Helical gear drive
  • 65 Worm gear drive - double and triple thread

Junior 5: Friction wheel drive

  • 40 Single staged friction wheel gear drive
  • 49 Reversing friction wheel gear
  • 60 Plane friction wheel drive